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  • Traditional Wooden Toys Christmas Games Discovery

    Traditional Wooden Toys Christmas games, gifts, gift ideas, discovery toys for tots, wood carving, wood working wooden puzzles, educational baby toys..

  • Wooden Toys Wood Toys For Your Childrens Children

    Fine Hard Wood Toys for Your Children’s Children. I want my toys to be an alternative to some of the throw away aspects of life today. John Michael Linck of Madison Wisconsin makes Rocking Horses, Unit Blocks, Wood Toy Trains, Toy Riding Airplanes, Block Wagons, Doll Beds, Clackers..

  • Fairy House Building Kit Fairy Tree House Treehouse

    Here there be fairies ~Yeats If your child believes in fairies, this magical Fairy House Building Kit will help your young one to build a dwelling that is sure to attract them..

  • Easter Bunny Babies Waldorf Dolls

    These sweet little Easter Bunny Babies measure approximately . inches tall and come in a variety of colors and skin tones. They are handmade from cotton knit velour with felt ears and and a simple wooden ball covered in fabric as the head..

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