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  • A Handmade Hideaway

    More to Love from The Handmade Home. building a handmade hideaway railings shutters {how to build a fort} building a handmade hideaway the walls.

  • Handmade Holy Handmade Wallpaper

    Every Handmade is a celebration of intelligent design, the full potential of the immortal hand and eye. This year, though, our ambitions are truly transcendent. We have charged designers and makers with tapping the long history of devotional fixtures and fittings, symbolic gateways to the godhead, or at least places that might encourage inner .

  • Handmade Tote Bags Martha Stewart

    Embellished, glued, ironed on or sewn, here are our favorite ways to personalize an ordinary tote bag, and even a few ways to make your own from scratch..

  • Handmade Christmas Part Crocheted Tea Set Joyful Abode

    While I was flipping through the Land of Nod catalog that knocked on my door, I had a lot of “I can do that!” moments. There are some really great handmade esque items this year, so it’s definitely an inspiration to those of us who are craftily inclined..

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