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  • Handmade Jane Craft Fair Tips

    After a smattering of interest following my last crafty post, I’ve come up with a few pointers for those of you thinking of selling your handmade goods at a craft fair..

  • Handmade Titan University Step By Step Business

    ZERO RISK. Day Guarantee! I want to make your handmade business building experience as easy and awesome as possible. And I stand behind Handmade Titan University..

  • Pricing Handmade Jewelry Too Low Jewelry Making

    By Rena Klingenberg. Home Jewelry Business Success Tips A pretend jewelry ad I created to illustrate our discussion. Many artists make the error of pricing their handmade jewelry too low..

  • Chicago Silver Forest Craft Guild

    Forest Craft Guild page Forest Emerson Mann was born in , and attended the Pratt Institute in New York, where he was a student of Arthur Wesley Dow. After graduating, Mann taught Arts Crafts classes in Dayton, Ohio, and founded the Miami Pottery, named for the clay from the nearby Miami River..

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